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Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to KAIROS

Thanks for checking out KAIROS School of Ministry. We’re really excited about partnering with you full or part-time to help you achieve what God has given you the desire to do. As a student at KSM, you’ll get valuable instruction from some of the world’s top teachers and leaders and be a part of an amazing church community at the International Church of Las Vegas. I hope to connect with you soon and learn about how KSM can help you get to where God wants you.

Samuel Goulet

Kairos School of Ministry

Vision & Mission

KAIROS School of Ministry partners with students to develop healthy, equipped students who are ready to impact culture and change their world. Through personal transformation in practical ministry training and fully accredited AA and BA degrees offered by Northwest University through their Church Partnership Program, KSM will raise up the next generation of leaders for the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ right here in Las Vegas.

Get Started

  • Learn More

    Find out if KAIROS is right for you by checking out our program

  • Apply

    Fill out an online application and make sure all your transcripts (if any) are in order.

  • Connect

    Meet with an admissions rep (in-person or via Skype) to get ready for the first day of classes.

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